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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Maintenance Plans

The importance of keeping the heating, ventilating, air conditioning and control systems at peak operating efficiency is greater than ever.  It is very easy to lose control of these complex systems.  Up to 30% of wasted energy can be attributed to this loss of control.

A maintenance and inspection program should be designed for individual building and equipment applications.  HVAC Systems Service, Inc. can design a customized program to suit your building equipment and budget.  The dollars you save will help pay for your program in utility savings and a reduction in downtime.

We offer several plans and all are customized to suit your equipment, needs, and budget:

Full Coverage Service Agreement:
This agreement is similar to an insurance policy whereas it includes Premium Inspections, new filters per each scheduled inspection and new belts once per year. HVAC Systems Service, Inc. covers most parts for replacement on this agreement at no further cost to our clients (includes labor).

Premium Inspection Agreement:
A 113 point inspection which does include filter changes per each scheduled inspection and one new belt per unit per year. This inspection process is designed to catch a potential problem area BEFORE major costs are involved in repair or even replacement.

Economy Inspection Agreement:
This is our basic 41 point inspection, major moving parts and visual inspection of filters and belts. A better alternative than going without a preventive maintenance program if a Premium Inspection just isn’t in the budget.

Not all buildings and systems are alike.  In this respect, the client should not utilize a contractor just because they are the lowest bidder.  It may cost the owner more money in the long run through increased energy usage, shortened equipment life span, excessive replacement parts costs, undue downtime and continuing service calls.  Caveat emptor - let the buyer beware.

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