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Wednesday, January 2, 2013 Worth a Look At

In this industry, you can be one or both: a customer looking for service and/or a service provider looking for customers. Now mind you, we may be in the commercial HVAC business but I'm not just talking about HVAC service, so don't stop reading.

So how does one go about finding either of the two? Pre-internet days but well after inscribing your business information on stone slabs, we resorted to using that antiquated thing we used to call a telephone book. Perhaps we employed or seen door-to-door salesmen or telemarketers. Direct mail and newspaper advertising was also a huge hit. Aside from just opening up a telephone book and placing a call, all of these things were quite costly.

Fast forward ever so slightly to the advent of computers, then the internet. We didn’t understand much about computers or this internet thing but we knew we had to have it because all the cool kids on the block had it. After mastering AOL chat and solitaire, some companies started discovering that there was more to this internet thing than just games and virtual arguing. This thing could actually evolve business as we knew it! ServiceChannel was one of those such companies to harness that idea.

Founded in 1999, ServiceChannel is a software company for multi-site operators to manage the service and repair of facilities. This software assists companies in managing their service providers but still left a blank on how these companies even found someone to provide the service in the first place. ServiceChannel solved that issue too and launched Fixxbook was created so that facilities managers and contractors had a better way of connecting and conducting business. Personally, I tend to think of as the Facebook of the contractor and facilities manager world, but with less photos of what everyone had for dinner. (ALERT: Shameless Self Promoting: We are on Facebook too.)

Fixxbook is a free, commercial contractor directory. You can showcase your trade, service area, references, awards, and many other important aspects of your business and service offerings. Over 150 nationally recognized brands use Fixxbook daily to find, check credentials and hire contractors for over eighty thousand locations. Not only can you create your free company profile on Fixxbook, but you can also check for service opportunities in your area. To date, over 30,000 work orders have been processed through Fixxbook.

If you are a facilities or building manager looking for service or repair, Fixxbook is a great tool to research service providers in your area. Credentials, references, licenses and much more are available to view on Fixxbook, making your search for service and repair a much more educated one.

“35,000 company profiles representing hundreds of thousands of tradesmen is proof that Fixxbook is the place to find and to be found.” - Eric Schechter, President,

HVAC Systems Service, Inc. is on Fixxbook and you can locate our public profile right here.

Save Money With Preventative Maintenance

"A regular maintenance schedule catches problems, allows for quick replacement of failing equipment, and ensures that the building is operating as intended. Without it, any building owner could be wasting energy and money without even realizing there is a problem."
Are you maintaining your HVAC equipment? If not, don't feel like you're the only one. Fact is, preventative maintenance performed on your HVAC equipment is much like the preventative maintenance you've been performing on your car for years, except you don't see your heating and air conditioning units that sit on top of you roof. They are seldom thought about until they fail. Those failures can cost thousands of dollars because everyone along the supply chain has to scramble, and convenience is costly.
"Preventative maintenance will improve IAQ (indoor air quality) and reduce energy use by removing contaminant sources (e.g. clean coils / drain pans), and insuring proper calibration and efficient operation of mechanical components (e.g. fans, motors, thermostats, and controls). Data from many buildings throughout the United States show that a properly commissioned building with controls and equipment functioning properly can save 5% - 15% in total building energy costs."
HVAC Systems Service, Inc. has been servicing commercial accounts in and around the Fort Wayne area for over thirty-two years now and we specialize in preventative maintenance and repair service. Call us today to set up an appointment for a free estimate on providing a preventative maintenance program for your business. We will come out, examine your needs, provide references and more information about our programs in a collective effort to establish which plan best suits your needs and budget. There are no obligations and no fees. Keep your business local and help support our local economy. Give Rick a call today at (260) 484-5296 to schedule an appointment.