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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Managing Going Green

It’s a rare evening that you can read or watch the news and not learn of an event involving the going-green trend. The green movement, for good reason, is upon us and here to stay. A quick search of the internet will provide you with more than enough facts and figures related to the waste produced in our country versus the multitude of benefits that recycling provides.

Recycling is just as vital (and in certain instances, regulated by laws) for contractors and the like as it is for homeowners. Many communities now go so far as to provide recycling benefits to its citizens. Whether you are a homeowner, contractor, business owner, or any combination, recycling is key to ensuring that future generations don’t have to ‘mine’ landfills for the resources that historically, so many have willingly tossed into the garbage with little or no thought to potential consequences.

As a contractor, managing the recycling of waste can be a complex chore in an ever-changing go-green world. It isn’t like at home where you just have to remember what items you can toss into which recycle bin. As a contractor, you must know the laws that govern recycling on a local, state, and federal level as well as what you can recycle, what recycling items can generate income for your organization, and where to deliver or call for pickup of recyclable items.

While doing some research online, I came across an innovative solution to these issues offered by Green Halo Systems. Green Halo Systems can help you create waste management plans for your projects. Comprehensive reports are generated in real time, as well as calculated project carbon, statistics, and more. Green Halo Systems also includes tools to identify recyclable materials as well as assists in locating the nearest recycling facilities. With mobile access and the ability to share data with your clients and subcontractors, the Green Halo system is an attractive and time-saving must-have tool for today’s green centered movement.

Regardless if you are building green, building LEED, or just plain curious as to how much waste is recycled, this is a great tool to track just that. With so many local, state, and federal laws governing recycling, it can be quite confusing. Green Halo Systems provides the necessary tools to transparently comply with such.

We at HVAC Systems Services, Inc. take the environmental issues facing us today quite seriously as it does impact future generations. "Going green" shouldn’t be merely a common term heard by many and practiced by few, rather, it should be a priority. It is easy to see why there are so many complexities for a contractor to recycle and manage their waste plan that we feel Green Halo Systems is certainly worth a look at, and they provide a free demo.

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