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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Save Money With Preventative Maintenance

"A regular maintenance schedule catches problems, allows for quick replacement of failing equipment, and ensures that the building is operating as intended. Without it, any building owner could be wasting energy and money without even realizing there is a problem."
Are you maintaining your HVAC equipment? If not, don't feel like you're the only one. Fact is, preventative maintenance performed on your HVAC equipment is much like the preventative maintenance you've been performing on your car for years, except you don't see your heating and air conditioning units that sit on top of you roof. They are seldom thought about until they fail. Those failures can cost thousands of dollars because everyone along the supply chain has to scramble, and convenience is costly.
"Preventative maintenance will improve IAQ (indoor air quality) and reduce energy use by removing contaminant sources (e.g. clean coils / drain pans), and insuring proper calibration and efficient operation of mechanical components (e.g. fans, motors, thermostats, and controls). Data from many buildings throughout the United States show that a properly commissioned building with controls and equipment functioning properly can save 5% - 15% in total building energy costs."
HVAC Systems Service, Inc. has been servicing commercial accounts in and around the Fort Wayne area for over thirty-two years now and we specialize in preventative maintenance and repair service. Call us today to set up an appointment for a free estimate on providing a preventative maintenance program for your business. We will come out, examine your needs, provide references and more information about our programs in a collective effort to establish which plan best suits your needs and budget. There are no obligations and no fees. Keep your business local and help support our local economy. Give Rick a call today at (260) 484-5296 to schedule an appointment.

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